Finding Home: Policy Options for Addressing Homelessness in Canada

Finding Home Hulchanski, J. David; Campsie, Philippa; Chau, Shirley B. Y.; Hwang, Stephen H.; Paradis, Emily.

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Homelessness: What’s in a Word?
Hulchanski, David J.; Campsie, Philippa; Chau, Shirley B.Y.; Hwang, Stephen W. & Paradis, Emily

1. Housing

1.1 Transitional Housing Models in Canada: Options and Outcomes
Novac, Sylvia; Brown, Joyce & Bourbonnais, Carmen

1.2 Shelters for the Homeless: Learning from Research
Hurtubise, Roch; Babin, Pierre-Olivier & Grimard, Carolyne

1.3 One in Five…Housing as a Factor in the Admission of Children to Care
Chau, Shirley; Fitzpatrick, Ann; Hulchanski, J. David; Leslie, Bruce & Schatia, Debbie

1.4. The Toronto Shelter Zoning By-law: Municipal Limits in Addressing Homelessness
Ranasinghe, Prashan & Valverde, Mariana

1.5 Toronto’s Streets to Homes Program
Falvo, Nick

2. Health

2.1 The Relationship between Homelessness & Health: An Overview of Research in Canada
Frankish C. James; Hwang, Stephen W. & Quantz, Darryl

2.2 The Health of Toronto’s Homeless Population
Street Health Toronto, 2007

2.3 Mental Health, Mental Illness, & Homelessness in Canada
Canadian Population Health Initiative of the Canadian Institute for Health Information

2.4 The Health of Street Youth in Canada: A Review of the Literature
Boivin, Jean-Francois; Roy, Elise; Haley, Nancy & Galbaud du Fort, Guillaume

2.5 Understanding the Health, Housing & Social Inclusion of Formerly Homeless Older Adults
Mcdonald, Lynn; Donahue, Peter; Janes, Julia & Cleghorn, Laura

2.6 Traumatic Brain Injury in the Homeless Population: A Toronto Study
Hwang, Stephen W.; Colantonio, Angela; Chau, Shirley; Tolomiczenko, George; Kiss, Alex; Cowan, Laura; Redelmeier, Donald A. & Levinson, Wendy

2.7 Primary Health Care for Homeless Persons: Evaluating the Options Using a Policy Analysis Approach
Shortt, S. E. D. ; Hwang, Stephen W. ; Stuart, Heather; Bedore, Melanie; Zurba, Nadia & Darling, Margaret

3. Children & Youth

3.1 Homeless Youth: The Need to Link Research & Policy
Kidd, Sean A. & Davidson, Larry

3.2 Whose Safety Counts? Street Youth, Social Exclusion, & Criminal Victimization
Gaetz, Stephen

3.3 Social Housing Policy for Homeless Canadian Youth
Chau, Shirley & Gawliuk, Mike

3.4 Street Survival: A Gendered Analysis of Youth Homelessness in Toronto
Gaetz, Stephen & O’Grady, Bill

3.5 Social Stigma and Homeless Youth
Kidd, Sean A.

3.6 How Young People Get off the Street: Exploring Paths & Processes
Karabanow, Jeff

3.7 The Peel Youth Village: Designing Transitional Housing for Homeless Suburban Youth
Bridgman, Rae

3.8 The “hand-to-mouth” existence of homeless youths in Toronto
Tarasuk, Valerie; Dachner, Naomi; Poland, Blake & Gaetz, Stephen

4. Women

4.1 Supporting Young Homeless Mothers Who Have Lost Child Custody
Novac, Sylvia; Paradis, Emily; Brown, Joyce & Morton, Heather

4.2 Better Off in a Shelter? A Year of Homelessness & Housing among Status Immigrant, Non-Status Migrant, & Canadian-Born Families
Paradis, Emily; Novac, Sylvia; Sarty, Monica & Hulchanski, J. David

4.3 Making the invisible visible: Canadian women, homelessness and health outside the “big city”
Whitzman, Carolyn

4.4. Rights to the City: Thinking Social Justice for Chronically Homeless Women
Klodawsky, Fran

4.5 Pan-Territorial Report: A Study of Women’s Homelessness North of 60°
Bopp, Judie; van Bruggen, Rian; Elliott, Shylah; Fuller, Lyda; Hache, Mira; Hrenchuck, Charlotte; Levan, Mary Beth & McNaughton, Gillan

5. Immigrants & Refugees

5.1 Living on the Ragged Edges: Latin Americans and Muslims and the Experience of Homelessness in Toronto
Zine, Jasmin

5.2 Taking Care of Their Own? Or Falling Between the Cracks? Absolute & Relative Homelessness Among Immigrants, Refugees, & Refugee Claimants in Vancouver
Hiebert, Daniel; D’Addario, Silvia & Sherrell, Kathy

5.3 At Risk in Canada’s Outer Suburbs: A Pilot Study of Immigrants and Homelessness in York Region
Preston, Valerie; Murdie, Robert; Wedlock, Jane; Kwak, Min Jung; D’Addario, Silvia; Logan, Jennifer; Murnaghan, Ann Marie; Agrawal, Sandeep & Anucha, Uzo

6. Aboriginal People

6.1 Housing for Aboriginal Children & Youth: The Need for a Holistic Approach
National Council of Welfare

6.2 Homeless Aboriginal Men & the Effects of Intergenerational Trauma
Menzies, Peter

6.3 Hidden Homelessness among Aboriginal Peoples in Prairie Cities
Distasio, Jino; Sylvestre, Gina & Mulligan, Susan

7. Justice

7.1 A Revolving Door? Homeless People & the Justice System in Toronto
Novac, Sylvia; Hermer, Joe; Paradis, Emily & Kellen, Amber

7.2 More Sinned Against than Sinning? Homeless People as Victims of Crime & Harassment
Novac, Sylvia; Hermer, Joe; Paradis, Emily & Kellen, Amber

7.3 Homelessness, Incarceration, & the Challenge of Effective Discharge Planning: A Canadian Case
Gaetz, Stephen & O’Grady, Bill

8. Research

8.1 A Longitudinal Approach to Research on Homelessness
Klodawsky, Fran; Aubry, Tim; Nemiroff, Rebecca; Bonetta, Cristina & Willis, Alette

8.2 Pathways into Homelessness: Testing the Heterogeneity Hypothesis
Peressini, Tracy

8.3 Towards a Strategy for Counting the Homeless
Peressini, Tracy; Mcdonald, Lynn & Hulchanski, David J.

8.4 Ethics in Research with Homeless Women
Paradis, Emily K.

9. Human Rights

9.1 Burned by the System, Burned at the Stake: Poor, Homeless and Marginalized Women Speak Out

FORWARD report to the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


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