Paper Series

The Homeless Hub Paper Series is a Canadian Homelessness Research Network initiative to highlight the work of top Canadian researchers on homelessness. The goal of the Paper Series is to take homelessness research and relevant policy findings to new audiences. Reports in this Paper Series constitute secondary research, involving summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research.

Paper Access
  The State of Homelessness in Canada 2013
Gaetz, Stephen; Donaldson, Jesse; Richter, Tim; Gulliver, Tanya
Published Summer 2013
costof_cover_sm The real cost of homelessness: Can we save money by doing the right thing?
Gaetz, Stephen
Published Fall 2012
programevaluation_cover_sm Strategies to End Homelessness: Current Approaches to Evaluation
Pauly, Bernie; Carlson, Elly; Perkin, Kathleen
Published Summer 2012
Housing first – Where is the evidence?
Waegemakers Schiff, Jeannette; Rook, John
Published Spring 2012

If you would like to contribute to the Paper Series, we invite you to contact us at: [email protected]